Socialprise is a global company serving the international markets for more than a decade with best in class individualized services.

The company is led by a team who believes in motivating its team members to serve customers with the best quality. Our company supports employee work/life balance and therefore our team’s schedule is flexible to guarantee their prompt action 24/7 when needed. All members of Socialprise’s team are also equipped with the latest technological devices and benefit from our training program to regularly enhance their knowledge and embrace the latest trends in the industry enabling business differentiation to our customers.


Dr. Maria Frangieh

Digital Marketing expert, blogger and university lecturer since 2005, Maria is Socialprise’s co-founder and general director. Her diversified background helped her lead many international brands into the digital era.
She has developed and implemented a unique strategic management model to help organizations embrace the latest web technologies and restructure their teams ensuring lower cost and higher revenues.
Board Member – ECOSERV
Mentor – WMP Program
Blogger – Maria Frangieh Blog

Why should you rely on us to support your business? Here are some reasons to help you out.

Our long experience in the field
Our team’s diversified background
Our team is always up to date
We are always available
We use the latest communication tools to ensure efficient and prompt communication with our clients
We love seeing our clients’ sales figures increase

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