Training Services

We believe in the power of exchanging knowledge. Our training services consist of personalized one on one trainings, corporate trainings, e-trainings in digital marketing and communications.

Some of the topics that we cover

  • 101 Social Media – Basic Social Media information
  • Social Media for Businessmen
  • Social Media for start-ups
  • Digital marketing strategy for start-ups
  • Manage your own Social Media like a pro
  • Social Media for public figures, executives and politicians
  • Blogging like an influencer
  • I have my own Wiki!
  • Digital ads what should I know?
  • Basic SEO for my blog or website
  • SEO friendly content
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Simulations (Maria Frangieh is a Certified Trainer in BOSS)


Trainings can also be customized and created based on client’s requests.