Integrated Marketing Strategy

We transform your data (web analytics, sales database, social media) into actionable insights. We therefore do the following:

  • Examine web analytics data
  • Assess traffic breakdown and identify vulnerabilities
  • If conversions and goal tracking are set up,
  • Assess initial ROI
  • Identify strongest and weakest overall channels (SEO, social, etc.)
  • Examine existing marketing plans based on data
  • Check if your plans match up with historical trends
  • Check if the appropriate metrics are being tracked
  • Check if data that should be collected, isn’t being collected.
  • Recommend marketing plans of action
  • Take data insights and formulate or add to marketing strategies
  • Look for opportunities that aren’t currently being fully leveraged
  • Place marketing data in a strategic context

At the end of the audit, you will receive a report describing the situation and the recommended next steps on which we will base our partnership. We will also meet regularly for more reviews and recommendations on how to increase your revenues.