At Socialprise we believe that events connect the brand with its target audience. A well done event, connects the brand with its potential customers and leaves a good impression.

Our strong belief in the relation between offline and online, allows us to offer event organization and management while covering it with social tools online to maximize the experience for both the brand and its potential customers.


Out events program consists of the following:

  • A-Z event planning, budgeting and management
  • Creating concepts for truly memorable events
  • Venue selection that reflects your brand’s personality
  • Integrating decorative items that are designed specifically to the event (We collaborate with the best Styrofoam and Entertainment producers)
  • Integrating food and beverages into your event theme
  • Securing service providers for stand-out events, from entertainment to live screen printers
  • Inviting the online influencers that will add value to the brand

Covering the event with social media and related hashtags to maximize the exposure.